Monday, June 10, 2019

Triathlon Race Analysis : Sticky Page of Tri Race Stats

On April 14th, my birthday month, I decided to participate in my first Olympic Triathlon at Discovery Bay.  It was an awesome experience.  The prior week I had DNF'ed at mile 38 (of 50 miles) race in Auburn, CA and was kinda down and probably still recovering physically from race if not mentally.  My goal for the tri was literally to not get cut from the swim and of course to just finish.  I finished in 03:23:30.3.  Here is history of tris with finish times and notes

I) Sprints

HITS Napa, 04/09/2017, Overall time = 01:59; 8th in AG
Stage Distance Time Pace Comments
Swim 750m 28:54
T1 06:02
Bike 12.40mi 53:26
T2 02:25
Run 5k 28.24

II) Olympic

TriForReal #2, 07/14/2019, Overall time = 3:08:47; 11th in AG
Stage Distance Time Pace Comments
Swim 1343yd 32:28 2:26/ 100yd should be 1815yd; 29 spm
T1 1:49:84
Bike 23.89mi 1:21:33 17.6 mi/h 630 ft vert; max speed 27.5;  128W
T2 2:26:59
Run 10km 1:10:48 11:24 min/mi6.21mi; hot ~90s

TriForReal #1, 06/09/2019, Overall time = 3:13:42; 11th in AG
Stage Distance Time Pace Comments
Swim 1815yd 42:57 2:21 / 100yd warm water
T1 1:49:84
Bike 23.89mi 1:21:34 17.6 mi/h 630 ft vert;  128W
T2 2:26:59
Run 10km 1:04:54 10:18 min/mi6.19mi; hot ~90s

Bass Lake Tri, 06/01/2019, Overall time = 3:22; 9th in AG
Stage Distance Time Pace Comments
Swim 1090yd 32:00 short
T1 4:03
Bike 24.30mi 1:43:01 14.2 mi/h 1,929 ft vert; 136W ave
T2 1:44
Run 10km 1:01:31

Discovery Bay Tri, 04/14/2019, Overall time = 3:23; 13th in AG
Stage Distance Time Pace Comments
Swim 1818yd 45:37.2 2.36/100yd measured 1500m
T1 6:28
Bike 24.80mi 1:26:56 17.1mi/h Max=23.3mi/hr, 129W
T2 2:38
Run 10km 1:02:16.5 10.03min/mi

III) Half Ironman (TinMan)

Santa Rosa Half Ironman, 07/27/2019, Overall time = 7:40:14
Stage Distance Time Pace Comments
Swim 1900m 1:03:04 3.16/100yd; ave moving pace 2:39 / 100yd Garmin distance : 2,349yd, 27 strokes / min ave
T1 11:46 Long hike to T1
Bike 56mi 3:22:45 16:57/h Max, 39.9mph; 155 bpm/171bpm max; 1880 gain/2251 loss
T2 12:48
Run 13.1 mi 2:49:54 13:36min/mi 149bpm/173bpm max; 142spm; stride 0.87m; vert osc 7cm

IV) Full IronMan


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