Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Race Report : HITS Napa Sprint Triathlon - April 9th, 2017

50th birthday goals

To celebrate my 50th birthday, I decided on two birthday month events.  First was held just yesterday (Sunday April 9th) and was my first ever triathlon which happened to be hosted by HITS at Lake Berryessa in Napa County. The second will be my first bike Century rescheduled for later this year due to Primevera being canceled due to course closures and will report on that later in the year.

Road to first ever Triathlon

I first started running regularly in 2012 and have slowly added distance and/or speed every year since then.  Then to cross train I added road cycling which I found I also greatly enjoyed and have participated in several Duathlons and fun rides since 2015.  December last year was particularly wet which dramatically reduced my interest in outdoor cycling and trail running so I took the plunge and starting swimming at the locally (heated) outdoor public swimming pool.  First swim was exhausting and lasted maybe four 25m laps.  Three months later I’m still a slow plodder but can swim nonstop 800 m in ~25 min.  Finally mustered enough courage to try swimming same distance in local lake with tri-suite and cap and survived.  I had trouble navigating a straight line face down in water that had nearly zero visibility and would frequently pop my head up to take bearings.  The suite worked very well and I never felt cold. My face on the other hand had a hard time getting used to 55 deg F cool water.