Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Race Report : ITR Running 35k at Folsom Lake : Hydration Test #3

My friend and mentor, Dave, knew I wanted a longer sweat test time of 3-4 hours so being the thoughtful and clever runner he is suggested we run the Inside Trail Racing (ITR) Folsom Lake 35k (20 mile) race.  Dave was spot on and was one of the most pleasant trail runs I've enjoyed in some time. [Dave also had a good run but was suffering the aftermath of a questionable Ragu recipe from the night before]

I had completed the 50K twice before, knew the course, and how variable the weather could be this time of year in the area.  Two years ago the temperature had soared to 85 but last year was similar but more lush.  Race weekend it had rained all Friday night the night before. But, luckily it didn't rain on us and given the crushed granite composition of most of the trail there were very few muddy spots.

The weather race weekend in a word was 'perfect'!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Race Report : EPIC AR50 DNF at mile 40 with hydration rate discussion

I learned alot about running while completing four 50k trail races and three marathons last year (2014) and was able to apply tweaks, tips and lessons learned on AR50. Many things worked just perfectly on Saturday, April 4th.  However, near mile 37 nausea started in and by mile 40 I was done. Not "ohh you're just uncomfortable you just need to push through it" but done done. Not being able to hold down any water for 30 min sucks.

Illustration by Daniel Yagmin