Thursday, February 5, 2015

Race Report : Kaiser Permanente (KP) SF HM 02/01/2015 (3rd year running)

This is the third year I've run the KP San Francisco Golden Gate Half Marathon and probably the most fun for three reasons:
  • The weather was stunning perfect
  • PR'ed by nearly six minutes over last year
  • Was able to encourage more fellow KP-IT employees to run this year
Last year (2014) was a HM PR for me but under challenging conditions.  If you want to read about the storm conditions we ran in and my slip on a manhole cover read the gory details here.

Strava has a nice feature that once you name a run a 'route' then it will automatically compare them.  Here Strava compares my last three races.  You can clearly see a nice ~7 min improvement from 2013->2014, then a nice ~6 min improvement from 2014->2015.  I'd sure like to think if I continued to train and improve that I could knock off another ~5 off for a 1:42 next year!  Clearly not linear and it is going to be fun to see over time how fast I can become on the same course. If I had not been suffering from that dang cough that has been going around for the last four weeks I think I could have nailed my ~7:45min/mile average I was actually shooting for (not the 8:03 I measured with my Garmin 310xt).  However, I'm not unhappy.  In fact, I was downright giddy passing the finish with the clock showing a 1:47!

In case you were wondering.  The top male finished the HM in 1:06:29 or roughly a 5:05 min/mile pace for 13.3 miles!

Some other changes over last year.  This year I did not carry a water bottle and only carried one GU.  I drank a bottle (~20 of Tailwind) 30 min before the race and hit the Aid Stations (AS) every 4 miles or so for a cup or to of water then had one GU at mile 7.  That's it.  As far as shoes I wore my trusty ~7 oz Skechers Go Run 2 (GR2)s which worked perfectly paired with Injinji Toe socks.

The weather this year was a balmy 55 degrees going out at 8AM and heated up to about 68 by 10AM.  This is warm for San Francisco standards out in the "Avenues" but for a runner was pretty much perfect dressed in shorts with 3" seam and single technical 'T'.  Doesn't get much simpler as a race goes.

This year we also had a record number of KP employess (2K), KPIT (520), six from our team and about 10 that I knew from work.  Was a great turn out.

Some of the 520 registered KP IT Employees

Our Pleasanton Run Team

Fellow engineers from out IT group

Nice finishers photo out at the Chalet

Not great form but hey getting it done.

Family Photo - son/wife ran the 5k

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