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Race Report : Pleasanton Double (10K + 5K) 12/21/2014

I had joined Bob Anderson's, co-founder of Runners World Magazine, UjENA Fit Club some time ago but never ran a 'Double' because of race conflicts.  That is until I signed my 13 year-old son and I up for the Pleasanton Double December 21, 2014 for some father/son bonding!

Group shot with Bob after race. Bob doesn't even look tired!

I knew my son was pretty fast but lothed running because 'that is what dad does'.  Luckily Bob has a 'kids' double that is just a mile, rest then half mile.  That was the trick cuz my youngest has to run a mile at school anyway so no additional training needed!

Trail running is my love but I like to throw in some speed road miles every once and awhile to remind my legs that they can move quickly.  I started running locally around the neighborhood and added tempo runs (1 mile warm up, 4 miles race pace, then 1 mile cool down) to prepare.

Here is how it went down on race day.

Race Day Morning.

Some very cool things about running a local races are:
  • No hotel
  • No long drives
  • Extra sleep time! 
The start and finish of the race was at Hart Middle School about a mile from my house if that.  Yeah, we could have walked but decided to drive so we could use car for change of clothes, etc.  The 10K started at 8:15AM whereas the kids 1 mile started at 10:45AM so I spared the son an early morning wake up by going to the event by myself and my wife brought him later.  I got to the Middle School at 7:15am and had plenty of time to mix with other runners, checkout the numerous stationary bikes, rolling area and gazillion massage tables.  There were even sponsor tables already up with electrolyte drinks, etc.  First impression was "Wow, Bob's crew is really organized and knows how to setup for a race".  There was even a cam that would show runners passing the finish line with live feed of finish results streaming by. [I could really get used to running Doubles!]

Sunday December 20
8:15am Double Road Race 10K leg (15k)
10:00am Double Road Race 5K leg (15k)
10:45am Bob Anderson's Kids Cup Mile Leg (1.5M)
11:15am Bob Anderson's Kids Cup 1/2 Mile Leg (1.5M)

OK you ask, "What's a Double"?

A 'Double' is a pair of back to back races with a short break inbetween.  So, for the 15K you run a 10K then have almost an hour to cool down in the gym then you race a 5K.  Sounds easy right?  Not exactly.  The pair of races is designed to :
  • Test how well you recover between sprints
  • Test how well you manage your pace
It is very easy to go all out on the first race and bonk on the second.  It is also easy to cramp up between races if you don't carefully recover.

 So, what was my goals and results?

My goal was a 7:30 min/mile pace for both the 10K then 5K and I came close.  My Garmin in fact was nearly spot on but chip time came in slower.

  • 10k : 6.3mi, 47:29 min, 7:32/mi, 170 BPM
  • 5K : 3.2mi, 23:34 min, 7:28/mi, 170 BPM
NameLocationBibAgeSexPlaceAge Group10K Rank10K Time10K Pace5K Rank5K Time5K PaceChipWMA
FREDERICK NOACKPleasanton, CAUS312 Photos47M7910 M45-498347:217:388123:277:331:10:4964.44

I felt very strong on the 10k and probably could have raced faster. My heart rate averaged 170 and breathing was even.  Felt great!

10K Split Times

For the half-time, I ate a recovery bar, drank several cups of electrolyte and spun on a stationary bike. Took a few photos with people, then lined up for the 5K.

The 5k was a totally different race. Mentally you are thinking "Easy just around the course once instead of twice. Easy peasy".  Not. I had to push hard to try and maintain what was once an easy 7:30 pace.  Here are my 5K splits.  Had nice strong finishes in both cases, but really slowed down in the middle.  I had my Garmin 310xt and was monitoring my pace but my cadence would just drop off and it took my full attention to keep turn over high like its supposed to for a sprint.  Average HR was also 170 but towards the end of the 5K I was panting and legs started to feel heavy.

5K Split Times

My son had a great race and averaged 6:15 min/mile, was fifth overall and 2nd in his age group. He wasn't even breathing hard at the finish.  Wouldn't it be nice to be 13 years old and light as a feather again?

NameLocationBibAgeSexPlaceAge Group1 Mile Rank1 Mile Time1/2 Mile Rank1/2 Mile TimeChip
BENJAMIN NOACKPleasanton, CAUS1424 Photos13M52 M13YR56:1543:009:16

I would definitely run a Double again. In fact, the weather was perfect in Pleasanton for a sprint and will sign up in 2015 for another!

Pic with fell team member, John, who I tried to pace with.

Pic with Brian who ran a speedy 5:45 5K and placed 3rd in age group

Kids 1 mile start. Son is upper right and they were on fire!

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