Sunday, October 19, 2014

Product Review : Update : Skechers GoMeb

In a previous post I looked at the now classic GoRun (GR) 2 versus GoRun Ride 3s and I promised to review the GoMebs.  I try not to disappoint.

 Overview of The Skechers 'GoRun' Shoes in this Roundup

  • Go Run 2 (GR2) : A minimalist, lightweight, flexible 4mm-drop racing shoe. (read the review here
  • Go Run 3 (GoRide 3) : A more traditional, generic 4mm-drop running shoe. (read the review here)
  • Go Meb : A minimalist, stability 4mm-drop racing shoe

ModelGoBionicGoMeb Speed GoRunGoRun SonicGoRun RideGoRun Ultra
Weight (OZ - size 9)
Heel Drop (mm)044644/8

To summarize the Skechers running shoe line,  the GoMebs are more towards the minimalist side versus the GoRun Rides which are more towards a full support shoe.

I normally try to run at least 100 miles in shoes before I evaluate them to ensure I can read the wear patterns on the soles.  However, for the GoMebs I ran into Achilles issues only after 20 miles.

First the basics.  The shoes weigh in at 7.2oz, come in very similar technical outside fabric as GR2s.

Also like the GR2s, there is more than enough room in the toe-box to let your toes spread out for good stability.

The difference in the GoMebs and what left me with sore Achilles are the redesigned lowers. The designers added a 'stability plate' midfoot and actually indicate this on the Skechers web site:

   'Dupont Hytrel™ Stability plate in midfoot for a supportive and secure run'


My unofficial test is to grab each end of the shoe and give a slight twist.  I can't say that I applied exactly the same torque but its close.  The GoMebs barely twisted whereas the GR2 just melt in your hands.  I'm an underpronator so I need flexibility.  The GoMebs are just too stiff for the way I run and really twerked my Achilles.

So for me the GoMebs are not a viable replacement for GR2.  However, if you overpronate and/or looking for a stability shoe then the GoMebs would be a fine choice.

In conclusion, I've reverted for now back to hunting for GoRun2s!!

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