Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Training Weekend : Running with the Devil (Mt Diablo)

This past weekend was a blast for several reasons.

I recently joined a FaceBook (FB) running group named 'TrailTime!' that not only focus exclusively on trail running but also started later in the morning!  Many running workouts start 6AM or even earlier so runners can get a workout in and make their long commutes to work or are just early risers. And early mornings generally equates to cooler starts with more running before it gets hot midday.  However, for us running sloths (or at least non-morning people) getting to a training start by 6AM means waking up at 5AM and it is just not going to happen especially on a weekend.  Thank goodness for TrailTime! and their typical 7-8:30AM start times!

The two TrailTime! runs this past weekend were:

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

2014 : Mid-year race review

Below is a brief 6 month review of 2014. Crazy but fun list of races and training has been all over the map. 

- One 10 mile race
- One Half Marathon
- One Marathon
- One 50K
- One 200 mile relay
- The Dipsea and Dipsea Double

Distance 710.2mi
Time 124h 48m
Elevation Gain 51,988ft
Runs 81

 For the second half I'm focusing on ultra distances.  Basically a couple of 50ks and Marathons leading to my first 50 miler scheduled on 10/11.

Next year I promised to be more focused (well at least I can try)!