Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Got your Forrest Gump on?

Local California runner, Noah Coughlan, is making the trek from West Coast (Half Moon Bay near San Mateo) to Boston in support of research leading towards a cure of rare recessive gene disorder called Batten disease.

This Coast to Coast run was featured in our local Tracy Paper as he made his along West Valley Mall heading East.  I wish I had known of his quest before hand so I could have cheered him on.

Since he doesn't have a support crew he is pushing his support wagon also Eastward - about 70# worth of supplies.

We all have a little Forrest in us and at least we can run vicariously through Noah; especially, for a worthy cause.

He plans to hit the Boston shores by Nov 2nd.  So, you just might catch a glimpse of 'Forrest' in a local town near you.

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