Thursday, July 18, 2013

Product Review : Sketchers Go Run 2

I held off trying the new Sketchers shoes because let's face it the parent company makes kids shoes!!!  However, after reading RunBlogger's review of the shoe in February I bought a pair and have been truly impressed by how comfortable they are and how much they can improve your track workouts/5k sprints.

Overview of The Skechers 'GoRun' Shoes in this Roundup

  •  Go Run 2 (GR2) : A minimalist, lightweight, flexible 4mm-drop racing shoe.
  •  Go Run 3 (GoRide 3) : A more traditional, generic 4mm-drop running shoe. (read the review here)
  •  Go Meb : A Minimalist, stability 4mm-drop racing shoe. (read the review here)

The shoes really should be called slippers as they are so flexible and comfortable.  In fact I wore them to work for several days and really didn't want to take them off.  However, track Tuesday finally came around and I had to take them for a test drive doing ladder runs.  I was not only able to maintain my 5K race pace but completed a 6 min/mile 200 and 400 sprints in them.  These are my 'goto' shoes for 5K and track work outs now.  I've heard about people doing long distance runs and even trail running in them but two things concern me:

1) The bottom 'cleats' are very soft and within two weeks several wore right off.
2) There is little protection in the toe so trail running is out

I think they would do fine for a single marathon but then you'd have to buy a new pair for your second.  Good for sketchers bad for runner's budget.

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