Wednesday, July 24, 2013

One year running anniversary!

I officially started running Wednesday, July 25, 2012 and completed 1.425 miles in 15.35 min or 10.77 min/mile pace.  I was chasing my youngest son around the long block and I remember as if it was yesterday the heat building up and sweat poring down my face, the wheezing and absolute exhaustion and joy when we finally stopped.
One of the main motivating factors to start running was health because after a routine annual checkup my HDL (High-density lipoprotein) or 'Good Cholesterol'  was too low and Triglycerides were too high.  My weight was also a heavy 168!  I'm only 5 foot 9-10" and thin boned.  I knew I needed to get in shape but hated the gym, liked cycling but just couldn't keep a routine up and swimming...forget it.  Love to play in the water but doing endless laps just wasn't going to happen.  Running was the easiest to do after crawling out of bed and turned out to be fun.  Why didn't I quiet cross county in high school after one semester?  Don't remember.

Now one year later, I'm down to a very lean 153 pounds and don't know my blood chemistry yet but my energy and endurance level has never been higher.  I'm completed many races including a 50km/31mile trail run.

I know people who try all kinds of 'diet programs' but rarely have I ever heard of any long-term success.  There is just no substitute for putting a pair of running shoes on, getting your 'mojo' on, favorite tunes, running buddy and hitting the road or trail.  And you can pretty much eat/drink whatever you want afterwards.

Looking forward to another year of running and health living!

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