Saturday, July 20, 2013

iPhone5 running apps : RunKeeper it is

On my iPhone 5 now I have six running-related apps installed : RunKeeper, Strava Cycling, MapMyRun, TrainingPeaks, Fitocracy and Runmeter.

I've decided that these apps and their associated websites to host and analyze data is just too complicated and takes too much time to sync the data, etc.
TrainingPeaks (TP)  is associated with my Timex Ironman GPS triathlete watch which even though it is waterproof has such slow GPS sync that has become less useful to me. So, TP and Timex watch have been retired.

Strava Cycling is fine for discovering other cyclers in your area but the interface is not tuned for runners and since I'm a runner who occasionally cycles not that useful.  Strava is out.

Runmeter is kinda cool but because I disabled payments 'General->Restrictions->In-Apps Purchases set to OFF' on my phone the app constantly prompts me asking me if I'd like to turn it back on. Very annoying and by that general principle alone RunMeter is out.

MapMyRun with its many advertisements using the free version couple with many route print features disabled again in the free version is out. However, our club leader uses it and has many saved routes, so will keep it until I've run all routes to have my own history in RunKeeper, then out!

Fitocracy isn't just a running app and incorporates points/quests for total workouts so will leave it installed for now. Plus I have it linked with RK so I get updates automatically.

RunKeeper (RK).  Has the simplest interface, no ads, has auto-pause, posts to facebook/twitter in the free version (only runkeeper live is not available in free version).

There was the problem of not having a widget for Blogger that was compatible for RK but I have since found one _and_ I found someone who knows how to bulk load all my RK history into dailymile!   So, whether I use RK or Garmin I can pretty much get the data automatically updated in Fitocracy, RK, Dailymile and on Blogger.

Life is incrementally less complex but still looking for easier integration of data and social media sites.


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