Monday, July 22, 2013

Current training schedule

Weekly training miles varies depending on season, scheduled race and race distance and my mood.

Here is my base schedule that I start with.  The distance is based on preparing for a Half Marathon (21 km, 31.1 miles):
Monday : Cross training/core workout
Tuesday: Hill day.  Five mile hill run covering more than 1000 ft of elevation change
Wednesday:Cross training/core workout
Thursday: Maintenance Run : Six mile pavement run around the neighborhood.
Friday: Rest day
Saturday: Pre long slow run : eight miles
Sunday:  Long slow run : eight to twenty two miles

Total Milage : Average ~25 miles per week, ramps up to 35 miles for marathon and 55 for 50K.

Cross Training = not running.  Walking dog, cyling (Trek 5200)

Core Workout = side and full planks, push, pull and sit-ups.  Quad strength training using small 3 pound weight.

Training Weight = 1523pounds
Taper Weight = 156+ pounds

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