Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Running the CA Aqueduct

Was really getting tired of sharing the road with cars, bicylists and wild dogs; so, searched around Tracy for an area mostly forgotten yet had long paths to wander. I found it! The California Aqeduct. Basically the 'fire' or maintenance roads that run along the aqeduct are hard-pack gravel that is perfectly suited for running or riding with a mountain bike. The entrances have 'bike' gates that do not allow cars to pass. Fortunately or unfortunately the maintenance roads are rarely if ever used and basically provide a private reprieve from the world. Here is an article I wrote in our local paper introducing the Aqueducts to the City of Tracy so that maybe other runners could enjoy them. I'm still mostly the only person early Sunday mornings for my long 10-20 miles runs but it is just the way I like it!

Aqueduct Provides Runner's Reprieve