Monday, June 10, 2019

Triathlon Race Analysis : Sticky Page of Tri Race Stats

On April 14th, my birthday month, I decided to participate in my first Olympic Triathlon at Discovery Bay.  It was an awesome experience.  The prior week I had DNF'ed at mile 38 (of 50 miles) race in Auburn, CA and was kinda down and probably still recovering physically from race if not mentally.  My goal for the tri was literally to not get cut from the swim and of course to just finish.  I finished in 03:23:30.3.  Here is history of tris with finish times and notes

Monday, September 3, 2018

Race PostMortem : 2nd attempt at UTMB/OCC and request for advice

In 2016 I attempted OCC for the first time and made a couple of newbie mistakes that probably lead to my first DNF on this course:
  • I arrived the night before the race and didn’t account for jet lag and elevation difference
  • I treated race as a fun run and took many amazing pictures and video on course whilst not paying attending to cut off times
  • I didn’t make the cutoff at Trient and was (very nicely) pulled off the course by the Sweeper Sisters.  

Monday, May 7, 2018

Race Report : Baldy Marathons - 04/28/2018

Baldy Marathons Madness

It all started months ago when a fast ultra runner friend of mine heard I was planning to do Barkleys Fall Classic and/or UTMB/OCC this year.  Jake Dinardi said if you are really series about training for those then I know a race director that has put together a course with a fairly high ‘suffer index’. That conversation lead to friending the RD on FB, some messages exchanged and ultimately Aaron Sorensen added me to the ‘closed’ FB groups after I registered on ultra signup even tho technically the race was closed. Thanks Aaron … I thought at the time!  Thus began my training for my first ‘off trail, self supported mountain orienteering’ race.